Who am I? I’m Batman!

Just Kidding…

Hi, I'm Ralph Gonzales a Filmmaker and Storyteller with over 7 years in the film industry.

My focus on digital and new media and experience in the film industry has helped bring a cinematic quality to my video and photo work. Working with Corporate, event, small business clients like Stuff for him, LSG, Milk Jar, Local Laundry and more.

I have produced, shot and edited on many projects. Allowing me to be a versatile member of any project and team. Being able to support and help on any phase of a project. With my experience working in film and media industry, I have experience operating and assisting with the latest Canon, Red, Black Magic cinema cameras with resolutions up to 8K. But I prefer the versatility and portability of DSLR & Mirrorless Cameras like Sony A7RIII, GH5S, And Canon EOS R.

I travel between Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and other parts of Canada for work but I'm primarily based in Calgary.


“Capturing stories with the authenticity of a documentarian, with the edit and polish of an editorial.”


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The Importance of Story Telling


...this 1,2,3,4,5 minutes video that’s is a story, that is compelling people to be excited about a product, service or mission.

- Gary Vaynerchuk


Brands with the strongest relationships, view, share and live their stories differently.”

-Jeff Freedman